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Japan’s Single Seed Oyster Farming on the Rise

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December 17, 2020
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Japan’s Single Seed Oyster Farming on the Rise

The volume of oysters made by the single seed culture method has been shifted from trials to commercial level by several SEAPA users. Murotsu, currently the largest single seed oyster farming area in Japan, has been an early adopter since 2014 and succeeded in developing the Floating Longline system with SEAPA in their subtidal environment a few years ago. Mr Yusuke Tsuda at Tsudau Suisan in Murotsu says;

‘It is still less than 10% of our total production and we will speed up expanding the ration to change from the traditional method.’

Traditional and current culture methods in Japan, the world’s third-largest oyster producer with 180,000 tons annual production, collect natural spats on scallop shells and hang them under rafts or floating ropes in subtidal environments. The original goal for most farmers was to maximize the volume of oyster meat, but from 2014, SEAPA has been promoting single seed farming as a way to evolve the industry to increase quality and efficiency of live in-shell products, which is increasing in demand.