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SEAPAUSA hosts Global Oyster Farming Forum

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May 27, 2022
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August 24, 2022
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SEAPAUSA hosts Global Oyster Farming Forum

SEAPAUSA is presenting oyster farmers with an industry-first opportunity to interact with farmers from around the world in real-time.

We are inviting American farmers to join our online Global Oyster Farming Forum on August 9, so they can listen and ask questions with  Japanese, Australian and American farmers about growing oysters.

SEAPAUSA wants to give like-minded farmers from around the world an opportunity to discuss the different methods used across the planet.

Our aim is to create a “live event” which will give farmers a new way to discuss farming issues with farmers outside their regions.

It will also present the opportunity to foster new relationships. We are inviting three guest speakers, one from each region, to talk about their farming methods and generate discussion. You can register your interest in the event here

Guest speakers 

Mr Josh Poke, Operations Manager, Tasmanian Oyster Company

Josh is Deputy Chair of Oysters Tasmania and has been with one of Australia’s largest farming groups for the past 15 years. Josh’s experience with the Tasmanian Oyster company’s evolution from cutting-edge hatchery to a vertically integrated seed to grow-out operation, farming more than 220ha (540 acres), for the domestic and international markets, will be of interest to everyone in the shellfish industry.

Mr Yusuke Tsuda, Senior Director, Tsudau Suisan (Murotsu, Japan)

Tsudau Suisan is one of the leading companies in the oyster maricultural industry in Japan, expanding its business through the development of value-add products, restaurant business, and its presence in overseas markets. Yusuke Tsuda will discuss two methods of subtidal oyster culture, traditional Japanese raft farming culture and the newly developed floating longline culture.

Mr Jon Kroman, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Hybreed

Jon is based in Washington State and Hawaii will be sharing a presentation on their proprietary work of crossbreeding oysters for yield and resilience, including changing ocean conditions. The company’s goal is to provide hatcheries and farms alike with a steady, sustainable, and healthy supply of resilient and productive seed with the benefit of its particular scientific strategy.