Max Cunningham

Marion Bay Oysters Pty Ltd

We have been trialling the Stormbreaker system for several months now. We are using it on the roughest rack on the farm. It is working superbly with no migration or baskets detaching from the lines in the face of very stiff southerly winds. On top of this the oysters are looking great!

Earl Huîtres Brassées Mer

Cap Fréhel, Bretagne Nord, France

Our Farm is located in Vannes, France and we made contact with Seapa in 2009. We carried out tests, choosing areas beaten by waves to expose the structures to different conditions. After two tests on post and long lines like the Australian system, we went on without central bar tables designed for SEAPA baskets using stainless steel crossbars. In the first year despite structural problems, the oyster results were very satisfactory both in flesh rate, and quality of shell. Now in the 4th year, the SEAPA baskets have allowed us obtain 3 Gold medals in special oysters at the Concours General Agricole in Paris. We continue to improve our techniques which are different depending on the area of production. The quality is there year after year, and we now increase our tonnage to satisfy our demanding clientele.

Joel Davies

Tindara Fishing

I have been an oyster farmer in Coffin Bay for the past 16 years. Our lease is a small 1 hectare site in the premium growing area known as the cental zone. Our lease is very exposed to all wind directions and has a very high tidal flow. In my experience, the SEAPA basket grows a brilliant oyster. From spat to contract fattening it does it all. I believe it’s the best basket available to get the oysters to rumble and fatten due to its shape and size. I am still running the same baskets we bought back in 1998. As a solo owner operator, I find them easy to use and would recommend SEAPA to any oyster grower.

Jean-Marie Alfonso

Brittany, France

It is really easy for anyone to work with them, the baskets are easy to open and close and they are not too heavy. Oysters grow up very quickly, with spawnless oysters ready for sale after 12 to 15 months, compared with the French system of between 24 months and 36 months. For me, SEAPA baskets with the longline system is a very good evolution for oyster farming, better for oyster quality and especially for farmers. In a few words – easy, quick and good quality.

Vince Syddall

Pacific Marine Farms

I have found SEAPA to be an excellent company to deal with. If we have a problem and it is able to be fixed, SEAPA get onto it and resolve the problem. It is refreshing to deal with a company that actually listens to its customers. Their baskets are very robust and can handle all that mother nature can throw at them. We recently had a big storm and the only baskets that stayed on were Seapa baskets.

James Calvert

Tasmania Oyster Company

We experience some of the roughest growing conditions in Australia and SEAPA has continued to provide the support and product design to enable us to grow our oysters in an extreme environment. Without the commitment from SEAPA our business would not be where it is today and it's difficult to imagine what life would be like without them.

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