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Oysters for Christmas with Family and Friends

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December 15, 2020
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December 17, 2020
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Oysters for Christmas with Family and Friends

Traditionally French people love to have different traditional dishes during the end-of-year events including some oysters. They can be eaten with a splash of lemon or vinegar, some shallot or simply fresh… It all depends on taste!

It was uncertain, but now French people will be able to travel around the country to gather with family and friends during Christmas. Oyster farmers and their crews are currently working hard to prepare the oysters for their customers. Oysters are graded and then placed on the stocking leases to be ready on time. To finish, they will be packed into small wooden boxes and sent all over France and Europe. During this year, farmers have adapted their distribution with the restrictions and developed more sales directly to customers including more local town markets in most of the country.

“People really like to meet farmers in their town and have the oysters as fresh as possible. We explain how we farm them, the concept “From sea to plate” is a success !“  Benjamin Drevici – Oyster farm in Morbihan