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The Online Pivot: Selling Oysters Online

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The Online Pivot: Selling Oysters Online

With Covid restrictions, restaurants around the world have been closed or operating at greatly reduced capacities. This has been a huge blow to our oyster farming communities. But oyster farmers are resilient and innovative. Some have pivoted to or expanded their businesses of online sales, shipping their delicious oysters from their farm directly to a customer’s home. This is no small logistical feat. If there is a positive that has come out of 2020 for oyster farmers it has been their ability to recognize and achieve a different way to get those tasty oysters to us. And we’re thankful for it. Especially as Christmas and New Years approach.



Below is a list of some of our friends in North America that have oysters available to order online. Check them out and enjoy!

US West Coast 


US East and Gulf Coast